The critically acclaimed series “Living With Models” is back for a second season with a bigger cast, bigger setting, and more reality show formats!


Living With Models Season 2 Trailer


The series follows Lauren (Lauren Reeder), a normal (read: boring) girl and her antics in a pseudo-reality show that replaces her real life friends with crazy, unpredictable models.  But who is really interfering with whose life?  And who is really creating all the drama in the show: the models, the producers, or Lauren herself?

I’m proud to be a part of something this clever and hilarious show, but also with such heart.  The talent involved is top notch, and it was such a blast to work with them. I play Kim, the silent, artistic model who may or may not have a secret.

If you are new to Living With Models, it’s best to start from the very beginning with Episode 1, Season 1.  But if you want to jump right into the action visit: or watch the series on YouTube.