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MADE IN CHINATOWN – Trailer from info@kevinlaufilms.com on Vimeo.

A factory seamstress having an affair with the factory owner’s son must decide whether or not to tell him of her pregnancy.

For upcoming screenings and more information, please visit: madeinchinatownfilm.com

Total Running 17 min

Cast – Elaine Kao, Tim Chiou, Tzi Ma, Leonard Wu, Talbott Lin, Lee Chen, Xuelian Lei, Lawrence Kao, Carol Newinn, Vyvy Nguyen, Brad Castillo

Directed by Kevin Lau
Written by Kevin Lau & Nyssa Chow
Produced by Javian Le & Amanda Garque

Co-Producer – Leonard Wu
Associate Producers – Debbie Liu, Jeff Fung, Jack Lau, Valorie Lee, MJ Peckos
Executive Producers – Cindy L. Bui, Weiko Lin, Evan J. Saucier, Karen Beth Wong, David J. Park
Director of Photography – Cameron Duncan
Production Design – Rayna Savrosa
Editor – Michael Louis Hill
Composer – Christopher Wong
Sound Design – Paul Smith