This past June 19th, also known as Juneteenth – an important historical date in American civil history – ABC released Seasons 1 and 2 of the satirical comedy American Koko.  The series follows Akosua Miller (creator Diarra Kilpatrick), an agent of the Everyone’s A little Racist (E.A.R.) Agency that helps people solve problems in a “post-post-racial society”. As “Koko” helps others navigate the intricacies of race, she continues to struggle with her past “Angry Black Woman Syndrome” and her complicated love life.

Tim plays Kwan – an activist writer who blogs as “The Irate Ass Asian” – and Koko’s love interest in Season 2.  As they bond over their mutual anger issues and a deep-seated desire to fight racial injustice, Kwan’s interest in Koko may be more than he lets on.


Originally produced independently on Kilpatrick’s YouTube channel, the series caught the attention of Viola Davis and Julius Tennon, who then signed on to produce a second season and a re-shoot of the first through their own company JuVee Productions, in a partnership with National Picture Show.

The entirety of “Koko” can be streamed through